Monday, June 22, 2009

Summertime in the Lodge

Summer is here! If you are not sure about that step outside, it is hot and humid. In past years when most Lodges would go dark this time of year, the lights are on and brothers are doing work. Several Lodges are still doing degree work this summer and most have activities planned for the upcoming months. As I write this Owatonna, Faribault, Mankato, Waseca, and Chatfield are just a few of the Lodges that are doing work this summer.

One way to keep active and put a public face on your Lodge is to be involved within your communities during festivals, celebrations and fairs. Enter a float in a local parade, host events for the community at your Lodge, plant trees in the park, help with a clean up day. There are many different ways that you can have a positive impact in your community as well as on your Lodge. One of the easiest ways to attract new members is by showing that we not only care about our community but also by showing that we have fun being with each other.It is also amazing to see several Lodges adding new events for their Lodges this summer. Many have added events that are open for the entire family and open for the entire Masonic family. While there are Lodges that have done this for years this is still new in many Lodges. Some are putting together potluck meals, others are bringing guest speakers, and some are just getting together to play cards and visit.

Just because it is summer doesn't mean that we need to turn off the lights and forget about Lodge until the fall. We are only limited by our imagination when it comes to good events for our Lodges and brothers.

See you down the road.

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