Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Voice ~ revisited

As many of you know by now MW McCarthy by edict has rescinded the resolution that was passed on the floor of Grand Lodge this past weekend. As further information was presented and he was able to reflect on the big picture he took a stand that is in the best interest of the Craft. Time and due process will allow this to be sorted out, thankfully both sides of the story will eventually be told. For more information please read the opinion and decision as written by MW Tom.

I still stand by the fact that One Voice can change the world. In the 1940's, the University of Oklahoma was invited to join with many of the major universities of the Southeast. At that time one man (the Student Association President) stood up and said that it was Not in the best interest of all of the OU students because this conference had policies that would have marginalized a large segment of OU students based on race. OU never joined the Southeast Conference of Universities.

Throughout history there are many stories of One Voice and how they changed the world in their own little way. Let us never forget that as men and Masons, we too have One Voice and our gentle Craft gives us all a chance to express it.

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