Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Unique Summer Activity

This summer several of the brothers in Rochester Lodge #21 have taken the time to learn some new skills. Over several Saturdays this summer these brothers have worked on learning to become Gentleman Masons. They have talked clothing, grooming, and proper etiquette while in polite company. These are skills that for many years were just taken for granted yet with our current society this skills are no longer taught at home yet can still be very useful.

While some of you may think that this topic is unneeded there are brothers throughout the United States that would disagree. In fact a new blog has been created by a brother called The Gentleman Mason. The following is from a post on that blog: "The Gentleman Mason isn’t just about wearing the right clothes, it’s about the right way for a gentleman to do, well, most anything. Anyone can be average. The Gentleman Mason will never settle for average."

We always say that we take a good man and make him better. Well this is a new approach that promotes brotherhood and fellowship. The Rochester group has a few meetings left if you are interested attending.

I applaud the brothers in Rochester that were ahead of the curve on this topic....

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