Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Holiday Season

As we reach December and the holiday season there are many events coming up to finish the year. Many Lodges will be holding elections and installations on the next few weeks. Several are finishing fall degree work and there are even some awards nights coming up. As our personal lives are becoming busy with holidays and family events our Lodges are also continuing to be very active.

For those Brothers that are just completing their time in the East thank you for all that you have done over the past year. To those that are getting ready to lead I wish you the best and remind you that if you ever need help or advice contact either your District Rep. or myself.

As many of you know I maintain a blog which includes a calendar of SE Area Events. I am always happy to list upcoming events on this calendar I just ask that you send me the information at

On a personal note. Thank you to the brothers that answered the call to help assist a poor distressed brother at a midnight hour. Your help, aid, and assistance was not only greatly appreciated but gave me a very real view of our Craft.

I wish all a safe and happy holidays but don't lose sight of your Lodges and your brothers there are still many events coming this month. See you down the road...

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