Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Quick Start to Fall

What a great way to start the fall Lodge season. As Lodges have come back from summer there are so many things happening that it just amazes me to see the energy and passion.

So far we have had our Area Conference where 20 Lodges were represented, Albert Lea held an table Lodge and awards night and we had a school of instruction where we had over forty brothers in attendance. These are just a few of the events that occurred in September. As I look at October it is just jam packed with events. Several Lodges will be starting degree work, Rochester is hosting the Mayo lecture (10/9) as well as an open house (10/20), Pleasant Grove is holding their annual table Lodge on 10/20, Farmington will be re-dedicating their Lodge this month (10/10) and we will finish the month with another school of instruction in Chatfield on 10/29.

Yet the biggest event of them all will be held in Rushford on 10/24. This will be the first event in Minnesota with the new KidsID. Several of you saw a demonstration of the new system during the September school of instruction. I hope you will be just as excited for the new system that will help us do a much better job of helping our families and neighbors protect their children. The new system is very simple to use and is more accurate than the old system. If you want to see it in action head over to Rushford on the 24th.

See you down the road...

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