Friday, January 30, 2009

A Cold Winter Night

Last night several Lodges from the Southeast Area came together for a School of Instruction on the Degree Lectures. The weather outside was cold and windy yet inside was warm with brotherhood. We had around 30 brothers present from 10 different Lodges and several of the lectures were put on by Brothers that are spending time learing the work for the first time. All of the work was done with great care and every brother left having learned some new piece of the ritual whether it was a pronunciation, the meaning of a word, or part of why we use a certain word here in Minnesota. A great thanks goes out to the brothers of Evergreen Lodge for hosting the school and making sure the heat was turned on, and to WB Brian Beerman and WB Don Olson for taking time to drive down from the metro to instruct the school. Our next school will be held in March in Rochester.

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