Friday, March 14, 2008

The Week that Was

It was a heck of a week. It started on Monday with Lodge in Owatonna. Forty plus brothers from three Lodges (Anoka #30, Star in the East #33, and Tuscan #77) gathered for an impromptu Festive Board. During the course of the night two travelling trophies went to each of the visiting Lodges, WB Hootie has returned to Tuscan and the BIG Gavel went back to Anoka. By the end of the night the brothers raised $170 for the Steele County Crisis Resource Center. I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

On Tuesday I travelled with the Master of Red Wing Lodge #8 to Ellsworth, WI and attended Hancock Lodge #229. It was very interesting to see the work that is done in other Grand jurisdictions and it was a very enjoyable night. If you have never attended Lodge in another state I would strongly recommend it. In fact the right to travel is one that every Master Mason enjoys. Thanks to WB Gary Thomas for asking me to join him.

Wednesday found me in Bloomington for the Grand Lodge Leadership committee meeting. Every Senior Warden in the state is a member of this committee and we need each of you to help accomplish the upcoming projects that need to be completed.

Thursday night started in Minneapolis at the Scottish Rite for dinner and from there it was down to Waseca for Lodge at Tuscan #77. Tuscan Lodge has several events coming up over the next few months. In April we plan on conferring the 1st degree on couple of candidates and then in May there will be a Smoker and Wine Tasting.

Brothers always ask "what does it take to revitalize a Lodge?" I always answer "it only takes one, one spark plug." Both Tuscan and Red Wing have found several. You never know when or where you will find that spark plug, just keep looking.

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